Who I Am

My name is Domenico and I was born on March 14, 1978. I live in Switzerland with my wonderful family and word as insurance broker.

The question arises naturally… why this approach to self-publishing? The answer is as simple as it is complex. For several years, I have tried to change my way of living and seeing things and I have followed a personal “do-it-yourself” path that has given me and continues to give me a lot of satisfaction.

The focus of this path is the pursuit of happiness.

This new lifestyle has slowly led me to approach people in need and help them find their happiness and build their own personal path.

Helping others and seeing results makes me extremely enthusiastic and fulfilled, which is why I plan to write an autobiographical book with the intention of serving as a motivator for those who really need help.

But before I get there, to enter the literary world in general, I thought of starting to create some low-content books to understand the workings of the market and maybe make myself known.

Publishing books created completely by me is something I really enjoy, and having one in my hands gives me a satisfaction that is difficult to explain, even if it is a simple children’s coloring book.

As I wrote at the beginning, the reason why I do it is simple, but putting it into action is another story but although not impossible. So I hope that with my books, but especially with the future autobiographical book, I can contribute to improve, even if only slightly, the lives of some wonderful people.

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